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Movie Summary of Like Crazy

Like Crazy

by Michael The Moviegoer on October 30, 2011

Movie Summary of Like Crazy by Michael The Moviegoer.


LIKE CRAZY = **1/2


“Lost In Immigration”

When British student Anna (Felicity Jones) meets American boy Jacob (Anton Yelchin) they seem like starcrossed lovers until Anna overstays her visa and is then not allowed back into the United States forcing the young lovers apart and into the arms of others. That is the story of “Like Crazy”, a new romantic drama from director Drake Doremus.

It sounds like it should be romantic with all the elements of a proper tearjerker. But “Like Crazy” just ends up being frustrating and depressing. That’s because we realize quite clearly that these two characters do not belong together. Any chemistry they might appear to have is greatly enhanced by picture-postcard montages of them on beaches and in bed.

But their major conflict is of their own making. It’s hard to feel sorry for them. Anna doesn’t accidentally overstay her visa. She does it knowingly and willfully, and Jacob stupidly allows it to happen. I had the strange, very un-romantic feeling, that these two people deserve what they get. Probably not what Doremus had intended.

Doremus’ style feels largely improvised. Like the script exists mostly as an outline of a story that includes montages and well-acted, yet improvised vignettes.

As someone who loves to travel, I was having a hard time relating to why Jacob hated going to London so often to be with Anna. I’ve had a few long-distance international relationships to know how cool it is to be able to call a foreign country your second home. But in this movie, the entire city of London is the enemy, with Los Angeles as the only good guy option. “Like Crazy” suggests that the only possible way for this couple to be happy is for Anna to give up her friends, family and her native country so that she can live in Los Angeles and watch Jacob make furniture! Jacob isn’t expected to make any sacrifices for the girl he loves.

During their time apart, each find comfort with other partners. Jacob’s new girlfriend is the hot and sexy blue-eyed blond Samantha played by Jennifer Lawrence. She’s exquisitely beautiful and totally in love with and devoted to Jacob. It’s simply impossible to believe that he would choose the difficulties of a cross-continent relationship with Anna, over Samantha. And maybe he never willingly makes that choice. Maybe he just feels trapped and too weak or cowardly to do anything about it.

“Like Crazy” isn’t so much about falling in love as it is about being trapped in it. A young couple spends their entire relationship trying to get back to the place where love began for them, a place that no longer can exist. A first kiss is a first kiss because it can happen only once.

On another note, Hollywood insiders have been concerned lately about the decline in attendance at movie theaters. “Like Crazy” is shot on the cheap with shaky hand-held camera work. It looks like it was made with an iPhone. It has about as much cinematic appeal as your average video on YouTube. Hey Hollywood, if you want to get people back into the theatres, make movies that look awesome on the big screen, not movies that look like they should be viewed on a laptop computer.

DVD Double Feature:

2007’s wonderful immigration romance “Once” starred real-life lovers and musical artists Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, both Oscar winners for their songwriting contribution here. This warm and heartfelt drama is set in London. Also shot on the cheap with grainy hand-held camera work, yet somehow it just seems to fit here.

Michael The Moviegoer

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