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Movie Summary of The Double

The Double

by Michael The Moviegoer on November 8, 2011

Movie Summary of The Double by Michael The Moviegoer.



“Double Trouble”

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie. The trailer inexplicably contains a spoiler that reveals the mystery of “The Double”.

An ex-CIA agent is brought out of retirement to track down a Soviet assassin long thought to be dead. But when a U.S. senator’s throat is cut in the trademark style of the assassin, the CIA wants to re-open the case. Richard Gere stars as the reluctant CIA agent forced to team-up with a young rookie played by Topher Grace.

All of this is a great premise for a spy thriller. But when the film’s title is the ultimate spoiler, we know what’s up from scene one. Now it’s just a matter of watching the actors trying to learn what we already know. That’s not much fun at all.

But even under a different title, “The Double” would still feel like a straight-to-DVD movie or something you might watch on an airplane while dozing off. Who is the optimist who dropped this bomb into theaters during awards season?

DVD Double Feature:

1997’s “The Assignment” is a much better example of an international espionage thriller that thrills. Israeli agent Ben Kingsley teams up with CIA agent Donald Sutherland to recruit Aidan Quinn to help them track Carlos The Jackal, a most-wanted terrorist. Quinn is recruited because he happens to look like Carlos’ double. Notice how the title doesn’t tell you any of this!

Michael The Moviegoer

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