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movie summary of Unstoppable


by Michael The Moviegoer on November 16, 2010

Movie Summary of Unstoppable by Michael The Moviegoer


“This Isn’t Mission Impossible”

Unlike “Mission Impossible”, “Unstoppable” is not a thinking-man’s action film. And it doesn’t need to be. The plot is simple. A speeding runaway train with toxic combustible materials on board, but without an engineer at the controls. Refreshingly, there are no overdrawn movie villains to contend with. This event is not the result of terrorism. Nothing more sinister than human error. Almost a mirror of real-life events, like the MetroLink crash in California caused by a conductor who was texting at the time.

Directed by Tony Scott, a master of the action genre since 1986’s “Top Gun”. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine are the heroes who must try and stop the runaway train. Rosario Dawson runs the rail yard where the event unfolds. It’s a relief to learn that someone as beautiful as Dawson can actually find work outside of acting or modeling. I mean, when I think of beautiful women, railroad yards always spring to mind.

This is a strange film for the Scott-Washington team as they are each following up last year’s dismal remake of “The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3”. But in the ultimate example of learning from past mistakes, they have made a considerably better action film about a train with “Unstoppable”.

But Scott’s frantic-style post-production work keeps this ride from being as good as it should be. He clearly wants his audience to feel like they’re on an amusement park ride. It’s a great adrenalin rush. But cinema seats are stationary, and hard as he tries, we just don’t feel the motion we see. The quick cuts, fast zoom-ins and helicopter swoosh shots just get annoying after awhile and distract from the story and performances.

DVD Double Feature:

1985’s “Runaway Train” received 3 Oscar nominations. Two for actors Jon Voight and Eric Roberts as escaped convicts stuck on a speeding out-of-control train. Along for the ride is the beautiful Rebecca DeMornay as a female railway worker. Imagine that!

Michael The Moviegoer

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